Gifts and ideas for kiddos who are starting to grasp things and chew more.

As well as some info about baby seats and mobility toys from pediatricians and physical therapists.

Kiddos are starting to walk and talk, and like toys that give them a greater sense of independence. They like big toys they can climb in and over, and devices that help them get around. In fact, all wheels are a hit, whether they are pushing them or riding on them.

Two year olds like to mimic adults, and therefore appreciate toys that let them try out what they see adults doing. They also thrive on a sense of accomplishment with puzzles and blocks that help them create. And everything that builds their imagination is a plus.

Kiddos here start to dream big - turning boxes into vehicles of every kind, and dressing up in costumes. This age can start to do some cooperative play games and utilize toys that require a greater attention span.