For 2 year olds

The perfect age to introduce an easel. All different kinds are available, but ones with either a dry erase or magnetic side give more options.
Aquadoodle makes mats that only work with a special water pen, saving your walls and floors from stray marks.

Learning / Imaginative Play - 
This is the time where kiddos begin to mimic. So pint-size everyday items can be big hits. This broom and mop set is great. A toy stroller or wagon to push and pull stuffed friends. For outside, a garden set is perfect for digging in the dirt or sand.

And dolls are also important, for all kids, to learn how to care for someone else.

Fine motor skills -
Trains! Pushing something on a track is so satisfying for this age. This Brio one is super great, or IKEA has a more budget option. They’ll need help assembling the track, but everything else but they’ll love the trains and accessories.

2 year olds love both keys and shoving things into holes, so this shape sorter is perfect. This pounding bench will hopefully limit their tyrades to a toy, and not the end tables. Combining fine and gross motor, this pull along toy is also a shape sorter.

Gross motor skills -
This adjustable basketball hoop gives them something to grow into. 
Ride-on toys are always a favorite. And now is a good time to introduce a scooter that adjusts for ability.