2014 Goals

by Kristen DeLap

I don't like to make New Year's resolutions...they seem so trite. And the word resolution seems so final. I prefer to arbitrarily set goals, and this year that happened to coincide with the beginning of 2014. 

First, vitamins. As a vegetarian, I don't get enough B vitamins. I'd like to remedy that.
Second, yoga. I take a weekly class at Tula with Nathan, but I'd like to rededicate myself (as I am a far cry from the 2 hours a day I used to do when training to be a teacher). Somehow incorporating this into my daily routine, and exploring more classes outside my house.
Third, create. This blog is a step in that direction. But even if I'm not lettering everyday, creating something everyday would be ideal - knitting, sewing, writing, baking, etc. Just pinning to Pinterest is not enough.