The hopes and fears

by Kristen DeLap


We got to the farm today in what was one of the most difficult drives with kids on personal record. We will be here for the holidays, and I’m sure the tenure of our stay will not be reflective of our journey. But there are many varying expectations for the coming days. 

Returning to my childhood home always carries emotions - it has changed so much since I was a fulltime resident here, but still carries the echoes of those days, and the generations before me. At some point I will have to decide this homestead’s fate. It is not a time I look forward to. 

Tonight, the night after solstice, a full moon peeked out from the passing clouds, illuminating the best parts of the farm. The naturalist/romantic/human in me couldn’t not stop to observe and appreciate.  


I couldn’t decide if I liked the full verse better or not, so here are both. 

Best of luck to all of us as we navigate all that the holidays bring.