by Kristen DeLap


While many of us feel helpless in our privilege, in fact we are the ones who have the power to help this change.

Be vocal. Talk your white friends and colleagues and community and let them know how outrageous the rampant hate and systematic racism is.  

Share this video from Trevor Noah, who states it quite well that we can be pro-cop and pro-black, respectful and supportive of law enforcement and the people they are sworn to protect. 


Call the police in your area and ask what types of de-escalation training is offered on an ongoing basis to all officers. 

Stand with black comrades at rallies and marches.  

Be introspective. Think about how subtle and systematic racism have benefited you, or how you might have been complicit in it previously. Change your behaviors and help others do the same.  

Keep the dialogue open. It's a difficult and important one. But it is not a black person's burden to educate you. Educate yourself.  

Teach your children. #blacklivesmatter