2016 : Quality

by Kristen DeLap

I've noticed several blog mavens (Natalie Creates and Emily McDowell among others) instead of doing resolutions for the new year are attributing an inspirational word to 2016. While I first thought this was a little too new age-y, I've come around to the idea. 

For 2016 I'm adopting the word Quality. 


For me, this is in terms of time spent and goods purchased. So, more intentional time, being more present in the task at hand, and generating an output that I can be proud of, both personally and professionally. I really want to try to not multi-task if "being with my children" is one of those tasks. And, in terms of goods purchased, I want to try to better avoid the disposable culture, surrounding myself with quality items that I purposefully choose to have in my life, in my house, on my plate.

Perhaps more broad than typical resolutions, prescribing a word to the year is also more universal. I hope to apply this to most situations where I need to make a deliberate choice. Here's to the best in 2016.