Black Lives Matter.

by Kristen DeLap

The Grand Jury decision in the Eric Garner case coming on the heels of the Grand Jury decision in the Mike Brown case should make everyone look twice at Grand Juries. This New York Times article describes a bit of the process: "Grand juries determine whether enough evidence exists for a case to go forward to a criminal trial, either before a jury or a judge. By law, they operate in secret and hear only evidence presented by prosecutors, who also instruct the grand jurors on the law. Defense lawyers are barred from speaking. For a decision, 12 jurors who have heard all the evidence must agree."

But really, it is about lives mattering. And all lives mattering. Mostly, in this context of normalized racism, it is about black lives mattering. 

A self evident statement that apparently bears repeating, especially to those in the police force and criminal justice fields. 

Black Lives Matter.