Doing for others.

by Kristen DeLap


As I have more time to think this weekend than usual ("vacation" for me means a trip to the in-laws who graciously provide so much childcare), I'm trying to figure out my priorities. While I don't have time to formally volunteer or do much for organizations I value besides monetarily support them, I can make more of an effort in daily life. Buying a coffee and providing conversation to the homeless man on my commute, reaching out to new mom friends with a word of support and maybe a snack, and simply asking those around me how things are and what they might need. I don't have copious amounts of free time, but I do have chances to help others. And that provides value to all of our lives. And an small opportunity of resistance. 

Nevertheless commission.

by Kristen DeLap

Was happy to finally have a reason to get this quote of resistance on paper, and also, glass. This commission was on an old window, used as artwork in a bedroom gallery. Glass is never easy, but I've had great luck with these Zig Posterman pens.  




by Kristen DeLap

Aliums are some of my favorite spring bloomers. Watching them emerge is always so fascinating.

And even Isaac knows not to touch. "Mama, dese are berry delicat."



Who you really are.

by Kristen DeLap

Nayyirah Waheed, who is my new favorite poet, posted to Instagram a quote from Yrsa Daley Ward: "when you learn something wonderful about yourself and wonder what else you've been hiding." 

That resonated with me, as I'm at a place in my life where it is time to, and I am really able to, step up. I'm learning I can do this working yet engaged mom, equal yet adoring partner, dedicated yet balanced professional. And when you impress yourself, you have to celebrate that. 

Here's to finding and impressing myself in my 34th year.