by Kristen DeLap


Headed to DC to march in the Women's March. Still in disbelief we are swearing in a president who communicates almost solely through 140 character inflammatory declarations. May he learn more restraint while in office.  



by Kristen DeLap

After some deliberation, I've chosen another word for the year, instead of a resolution. A word to keep in the forefront of my mind as I make decisions (long term and mundane), and as I frame my hopes and goals. 2017's word is Resistance. 

At first I was afraid the word was too negative, a connotation of unfavorable pessimism. But in my narrative, resistance is survival in adversity, standing up for what is right, which isn't always popular. Resistance is anti-populism. It is personal. Resistance is rebellion, is action, is even joy

It may be cliche, but General Organa has inspired me (on screen and off), to continue the fight. Resistance is hope.  



by Kristen DeLap

Didn't bring all my supplies to the holidays, but did bring my iPad. Remade this one from a few years ago in digital color.